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Location:New England
Category:Local Area
We loan because:we believe given the opportunity, every individual has within them the ability to make a difference. Our aim is to afford those opportunities to individuals looking to change their lives and in doing so better their community.
About us:We are New Englanders, located in the northeast corner of the United States. We hail from towns dotted along the Green Mountains of Vermont and the sandy coastlines of the Bay and Ocean States. The White Mountains and wilderness of (the free state) New Hampshire and the Gold Coast of Connecticut we call our home. The dense forests of Maine lend us the Pine Tree emblem affixed upon our flag proudly uniting the region for hundreds of years and today our cause for empowering people around the world. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us!
Team Since:Sep 8, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Welcome everyone to the official Kiva Team New England website.

Going forward this will be the place to find updates concerning the progress of the team, promote loans or exchange stories and ideas. We encourage anyone who visits this site and is interested in joining our pursuit of empowering people around the world to join us and tell their friends and family. Whether you currently reside in the northeast, are a displaced New Englander or simply find yourself associating with the region everyone is welcome!

Once we get things up and running we will hopefully be adding more features to this site including message boards, various metrics to track team progress & perhaps a central account members can opt into contributing to in order for the team to fully finance a loan on our own (all accounting will be fully transparent via Google Docs and all money loaned out once the team decides upon a loan). We'll just have to see how things progress.

Other than that, welcome, WELCOME!

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